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By John W. R. Taylor

Recognized Airliners publication from 1971 exhibiting crucial airliners of that period DEPOSITили

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H. four engines suspended in pods underTake-off rlln: 11,500. neath. Sweptback tail surfaces. VariableMax. range: 4,500 miles with max. payload. incidence tail plane. Conventional ailerons, elevators and rudder.. Double-slotted The original versions of the DC-8 (Series 10 to trailing-edge flaps. e 50) all have the same basic airframe, with span slots inboard of each engine pylon. Tnof 142 ft. 5 in. and length of 150 ft. 6 in. The cycle undercarnage, WIth tWIn-wh~el nose Series 10, intended for domestic services, has unit and four-wheel bogIes on main Units.

Unswept tail surfaces. Conventional control surfaces and trailing-edge slotted flaps. Tricycle undercarriage, with single rearwardretracting nose-wheel and forwardretracting twin-wheel main units. (Avia-14 Salon). Empty: 27,670 lb. Max. ~. PERFORMANCE (Avia-14 Salon). Max. h. Take-off run: 1,900'. h. at 6,500' with full payload. p. and driving a four-blade airscrew. Fuel tanks in wings, with capacity of 770 gal. Avia-14 Salon can be fitted with tip-tanks, giving max. capacity of 946 gal. The basic I1-14 was put into very large-scale production in the Soviet Union in two forms.

Its layout is very like that of the RAC Super VCI0 and the two aircraft are in much the same class. , as the Kuznetsov turbofans were not ready. A production 11-62 replaced the Tu-114 on Aeroflot's Moscow-Montreal transatlantic service in September 1967, and inaugurated the airline's New York service in the following July. It is used on many other long Aeroflot routes and three have been bought by CSA Czech Airlines. t. Seven fuel tanks in wings, capacity 21,998 gal. PAYLOAD Pressurised cabin for 114-186 passengers six-abreast in standard form or 85 passengers in first class/de.

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