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By Phillip M. Margolin

ISBN-10: 0553569082

ISBN-13: 9780553569087

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A federal prosecutor, the nemesis of Washington elite, is murdered at a fancy Bayou urban lodge. His spouse is located with the gun on the scene and her purpose is clear -- he did her unsuitable and he or she stuck him within the act. The spouse is arrested fast. probably too speedy, Assistant District lawyer Virginia Rodriguez quickly realizes, yet a dismissal isn’t that easy.

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As I said, more than one person I talked to was of the opinion that this was a pretty easy win. That would make the value of your services a lot less than thirty thousand dollars. See what I mean? But putting a price on abstractions, like the value of legal services, is a lot tougher than dealing with diamonds and granite, Bob. " "Look," Packard said angrily, "I just told you. " Deems ignored Packard and pulled a pair of soiled woman's underpants from his pocket, then laid them on Packard's desk.

The prosecutor took a letter-size sheet of paper out of a file. "How about Honeymoon Beach? " "Yeah," Harwood answered cautiously. " "Your Honor, this has gone too far," Knapp shouted as his client shifted nervously in the witness box. " "I promise I will show relevance," Griffen told the judge, her eyes never leaving Marie Harwood. "Overruled. You may continue, Ms. " Griffen asked. " "In the movies. Griffen walked over to Harwood. "Then you saw it twice," she said, handing the paper she was holding to the witness.

Packard started to read the case, but it was hard to concentrate. He was still thinking about his money problems and still worried about that other problem. His supplier. The one who had been arrested two days ago, just before Packard was going to pick up a little something to augment his dwindling supply. Of course, he was going to stop, so there was no problem. But what if, just for the sake of argument, he needed some coke and couldn't get any. It made him jittery just thinking about it and he needed to keep calm and focused so he could write the motion.

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After Dark by Phillip M. Margolin

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