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This line doesn't explicitly express emotion, but the speaker took the effort to stop and listen to this cry, and seems sad that it's not calling for him. Lines 11-12: The image of the moon at its unearthly distance is sad and lonely, like the speaker. Distance From the city lights, to the cry, to the moon, a lot of the imagery in this poem is far away and distant. This physical distance creates a metaphor for the speaker's psychological distance. So, in addition to being lonely, the speaker feels like he is disconnected and far away.

Avant Garde: You’ll hear this word used to describe some of the craziest, most far-out, experimental poets. It was originally a French expression that refers to the soldiers who go explore a territory before the main army comes in. Avant garde artists are often people who break through boundaries and do what’s never been done before. Then again, sometimes there’s a good reason why something has been done before… Ballad: A ballad is a song: think boy bands and chest-thumping emotion. But in poetry, a ballad is ancient form of storytelling.

This doesn't sound like very much fun. Instead of just saying he's walked out and back in rain, the speaker repeats the phrase "in rain" twice. This repetition makes us really feel how miserable walking around in the rain at night is. Line 3 I have outwalked the furthest city light. Here, the speaker tells us that he's walked past the furthest city light. We're not sure whether he's walking outside of the city and into the country, or into a part of the city where there are no lights. But wherever he's walking, it's dark.

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