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By Kathryn Kuhlman

ISBN-10: 0871235366

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I said. " he asked. Am I losing my mind, hearing sounds that aren't there? I wondered. I turned to Orpha who was sitting on the other side. " Orpha looked deep into my face. " she asked. " Orpha's lips grew white and she said with shaking voice. "It's the Holy Spirit. It's your healing. " Miss Kuhlman was still taking a poll of the states as Orpha, June, Bruce and I joined hands down the row and began to pray. I felt a wonderful peace. At the same time there was a pumping sensation throbbing in my chest.

It's me," I said over and over. "I am the one Kathryn Kuhlman was talking about. " I finally made him understand that I had received healing of my heart. Even as I stood there in the aisle, it was becoming more and more evident. The old tiredness, which I had lived with for twenty years was gone. I could feel my blood flowing freely through my body. I could breathe, long deep gasps of air all the way down to the bottom of my lungs. And the rattle in my heart, that awful rickety sound which used to wake me at night, was gone.

He never had the opportunity of being healed because we knew nothing of Your marvelous power. But, dear Father, this little boy has a chance. " Bruce reached over and clasped my hand in his. He didn't understand my tears; all he knew was something was wrong inside me. He reached out in love and compassion. I was glad I was not alone. It never was clear to me when the meeting started. Most of our Australian churches have a formal call to worship, perhaps even a processional. But here in the big auditorium the love and praise just seemed to flow together and suddenly I was aware that Miss Kuhlman was on stage.

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